e-Ashwa Automotive electric scooter Velox Pro Grey Li- on Battery

M.R.P : ₹82,999.00

₹66,599.00 - ₹76,399.00
  • Loading Capacity 180Kgs
  • Body Type ABS plastics
  • Shocs Abr. Front Telescopic
  • Auto Cut of charge yes
  • Speed 25KMPH

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e-Ashwa Automotive electric scooter is the immediate answer for India’s rising pollution problem. Our electric scooters are the finest solution in driving the movement of clean transportation to every individual in India. Knowing that demand for electric scooter will rise rapidly in the country. e-Ashwa Automotive electric scooter is proud to offer range of modular design options. All our models listed in the website are manufactured with world’s best technology & process. e-Ashwa Automotive electric scooter has a sleek prefabricated design. The scooters are available in different colour ranges matching specific customer’s interest.Known as the top electric scooter manufacturers in India, our e-bike ensures every day ride sustainable and smart.
Key features:
High torque motors with rear suspension.
Comfortable and durable seat.
On the go detachable battery.
Multiple colour variants.
Alloy wheels suitable to Indian roads
Maintains center of gravity while on road.
Suitable for all terrain.
Offer best riding range with full charge
Generally when one thinks about buying an electric scooter, they worry about ride stability, performance and charging. But buying from the top electric scooter manufacturers in India e-Ashwa Automotive, one can blindly be rest assured that their worry would be solved.

Three critical benefits offered by our electric scooter to customers:
Supreme Design: Electric Scooter design is engineered to perfection offering great comfort to riders. We use cutting-edge technology in ensuring the bike offers utmost stability in Indian roads. The handlebars are engineered appropriately to offer a comfortable ride. A sleek front design with an energetic look is the added advantage.

All-in-one Performance: Seamless uninterrupted riding experience to customers. Our electric scooters offer enjoyable and efficient rides. No noise and zero emissions guaranteed. In addition, our high torque motors offer best customer ride experience.

Best Charging: Charge your device anywhere and anytime. Full charge assured in just 5 years of charging. Our electric scooters are backed with long-lasting Li batteries.

If you or someone known is looking for cost savings in transportation, looking to cut out petrol or diesel cost, parking fees and public transport cost, then choosing the e-Ashwa electric scooter is the best decision. Though there is an initial investment, but the return on investment is attractive. You will save a lot of money from e-scooter in no time.

Get your favourite electric scooter now. Glide through the Indian streets with a proud feeling of emitting zero emissions. Explore our online e-scooters and transform the way you travel.

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